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Snake (She Xing)

Venomous snakes are possibly the most dangerous animals on the planet, considering how lethal they can be compared to their size. Because of this, Nature has balanced things by providing many of them with distinctive mechanisms, like bright-coloured scales, the cobra’s hood, or the rattlesnake’s rattle. The snake might kill you, but you can’t claim you weren’t warned first.

In many ways, the Shaolin snake-style typifies this. When attacking, the snake-stylist goes for vulnerable spots like the eyes, throat and groin. However, because of the serious consequences of hitting such targets, the snake-stylist must be calm and peaceful and avoid a fight. It is only when there is no recourse but to fight, and the situation serious enough to warrant it that one should use the techniques of the snake form.

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Kung Fu Martial Arts - Snake


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