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Crane (He Xing)

To some, the crane is the epitome of grace. In a fight, it prefers to stay away from toe-to-toe confrontations that might be more suited to a tiger or leopard. Instead, the crane uses its long legs and powerful wings to angle away from an opponent, striking with its wings and beak when an opportunity presents itself.

Despite the relatively fragile nature of the crane, it is still a fierce fighter. Its higher level of mobility and insistence on attacking from strange angles makes it a tough opponent. Anybody who has ever been pecked by a goose or duck can attest to the deceptively powerful strikes that beaks can deliver. Emulating this, the crane-stylist uses a hand formation called the “crane’s beak” where the four fingers and thumb
are brought together at the tips, mutually reinforcing each other and creating a strong striking surface.

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Kung Fu Martial Arts - Crane


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