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Below are some testimonials...

"I started The Purbeck Academy of Shaolin Kung Fu a few months ago, looking to build up my fitness and learn a martial art. There are lots of martial art styles to choose from, but I felt that Kung Fu represented a very wide range of skills through self - defence including the use of weapons like knives, blunt instruments, hand guns, staff and chucks. I found the academy very friendly, no one is pushed beyond their own limit, the chief instructor explains everything in a concise, friendly manner, which helps you to digest all you need to know in becoming a Kung Fu martial artist."

"Many thanks Paul for all your instruction, taught in a friendly understanding style."

Ray Kitching (Yellow Sash)

"I joined kung fu to improve my fitness, but since doing it for a few months now I am really enjoying learning a martial art in such a supportive environment. Being a woman learning a self-defence system such as this is really important and has opened my eyes to protecting myself. Everyone is really friendly and there is no problem working with any other members when doing one on one activities. The instructor explains everything really well and I have no problem asking him to repeat things if I am not sure about it I really enjoy it and would encourage any men or woman to take it up."

Tammy Carr (Blue Sash)

"After returning to Kung Fu training after a fw years absence, I have found that one-on-one private lessons offer an insight into the finer points of the form and techniques used in the system. Whilst the regular group training sessions are extremely useful and beneficial to me, the private training sessions give the flexibility and time I need to explore the subtleties of the techniques, and more quickly identify any faults I may have with their application. I have known Paul for a number of years and during training sessions, have found him to be a more than competent teacher. He has a good attention to detail and focuses on my individual training and development needs. I would thoroughly recommend others to back up their regular group training with private sessions; I have found them invaluable"

Duncan (Private Training Testimonial)

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