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Our excellent club has now been running for many years along with our founding club in Ashdown. The Academy boasts several black sashes and many senior level students.
The clubs success is a testament to the dedication of its students and instructors who study a system which is many hundreds of years old.

Shaolin Kung Fu is stooped in history dedicated to the promotion of healthy living and practical self defence. The trials of everyday life become easier to manage, our fitness levels and health are vastly enhanced and our abilities to handle situations of confrontation are much improved through dedicated study.

It’s clear to see the improvements our students make form the first moments they arrive within our club, growing into respected martial artists with a high skill level and passion for the protection of an extremely valuable martial arts system.

We are protectors of sets and forms which have been passed on to us through generations. The techniques contained within these mysterious movements are the epitome of Kung Fu and something we cherish. Their application is formidable once understood.
The Academy of Shaolin Kung Fu is formed around the study of the movements of five animals; the Snake, the Crane, the Leopard, the Tiger and the Dragon. The application of animal form Kung Fu in the context of combat and self defence is not to be underestimated. The patterns of movements developed through the study of animal locomotion are a beauty to behold. Through dedicated study a practitioner who can harness the essence of these animals is a considerable force but also one who exudes peace, calm and balance.

Over the last few months we have focused our training on the animals further reinforcing the power within its application and in protecting its lineage. Over the upcoming months we will be continuing this study with students at all levels. There is an upcoming yellow sash grading and one for brown sash. Students at these levels are a pride of the club and the next generation of keepers.

I wish everyone well on their journey along the Shaolin path. Best wishes to you all.

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